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About San Jose

If you are in need of Pediatrician services in San Jose, CA, Sima Stein, MD is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services, including STD, Asthma & Allergies , STD, and Pediatric Urgent Care to our patients with care and expertise. Sima Stein, MD has served many happy patients of the San Jose community. We hope to see you in our office soon!


San Jose is located in Santa Clara County, near the cities of Seven Trees, CA and Sunol-Midtown, CA. The city is home to a variety of schools, including Independence High, and colleges such as Santa Clara University and West Valley College. Patients of our practice can enjoy local attractions and activities in San Jose such as Municipal Rose Garden, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, and Santana Row. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at one of San Jose's many lively restaurants, including La Foret Restaurant or Falafel Drive In.


See What Our Patients Say About This Location:

We love Dr. Stein. She has seen our son ever since he was born and had his first visit with her while he was still in the hospital. We live in Mountain View and she used to have an office there but she’s closed it and only has the San Jose office now but we still make the drive to see her. She’s given great care to our son and has calmed my fears as a new mom and answers all my “emergency” emails and questions. She has the right touch with the babies. Her nurses and staff are always very nice as well.

Elena h

October 01, 2019


Dr Stein is an awesome doctor. I think she is the best thing that has happen to our kids. I have been going to her since 4 years now. She is very caring, patient with kids and soft spoken with parents. She is always updated and treats the patients accordingly. She takes time to examine and prescribe any medication. She doesn’t jump into by giving antibiotics for a minor ear infection or fever. She explains what kind of illness or medication is needed. She has amazing staff and we love them all. They are very caring and patient with kids. We used to go to Mountain View office before, but since almost 10 months we go to San Jose office. Staff are excellent. Also I love the fact she has these iPad for checkin and less wait time if we make online appointments. Also staff is very prompt in sending reminders. Last but not the least clinic is very well maintained. Only thing is hope they update some toys and books in the waiting lounge. Over all I am blessed to have a doctor like Stein as my kids pediatrician. She is the best!

sushma s

March 19, 2019


My son is currently in daycare and is sick frequently. We see Dr. Stein at least once a week. She is dedicated to her patients; as well is to their families. She has staff call parents at home for follow-up. She has great bedside manner, and she is spot on with her diagnoses; even before lab results comeback to confirm them. She is proactive about the care she gives. I took my son out of town one time to visit his grandparents. My son developed redness and swelling around his... eye. I sent her photos to view, she diagnosed him with periorbital cellulitus, and ordered oral antibiotics through a local pharmacy. She had me send her follow-up photos to monitor the effectiveness of the antibiotic. She advised me to see a Pediatrician immediately. I could not find someone; as I was three hours from home and in a remote location up in the sierra mountains. I drove my son three hours home. She immediately saw him without an appointment. She assessed him and gave him stronger antibiotics (with this visit) in her office. This is only one of many instances! My son loves her and her staff! Everyone here is awesome, and I am so happy she is his Pediatrician

Adoree D

December 05, 2016


We love Dr. Stein! We happily travel from Boulder Creek to the San Jose office. The staff is fantastic, Dr. Stein warm hearted and straight forward. It is refreshing to experience such dedicated individuals.

Lawrence C

March 17, 2014


This office begins with the wonderful office admin. Cindy which is very patient with parents such as myself. I have 2 children which have had pneumonia and asthma, within the 1st three months of age. And now I have one child with special needs, from auditory processing, sensory processing, visual tracking problem to aggressive behavior issues. I call at all hours and sometimes request high demands. Not once has this office offended me or disregarded any of my needs. I am extremely grateful. Dr. Stein, has returned my calls at all hours of the day and night. She has always met my requests and my child's needs fast and with excellent results.  I read the reviews where it said that Dr. Stein offered/perscribed medication that a children did not need, also that she is in a  rush, also that people are waiting long while they have actual appointment, and complaints about  charges that  weren't happy of getting. For all those negative reviews, I have positve responses. My children have always been given the adequate amount of medication. Whenever, there is medication that I am hesitant about giving my son, she gives me all the information on it. And let's, me decide. If I choose not to give it to my child she recommends another one and also allows me to review it before I decide. She even suggests that I get a 2nd and 3rd opinion. And at times I have gotten those opinions. She has not once been offended or upset. In response to Dr. Stein being in a rush, if you ask her questions or have concerns she actually comes back and sits with you and slows down.  Doctors offices are often behind especially when there are children involved. I am one of those parents that is always in a rush. On those days that I am in a super rush, I let the front office know and they do there best in accomidating my request. If there is a wait, it's not that you are being neglected or unattended, it's simply that there is another pressing issue with another child that is in higher need. It's not for us to feel upset, but to understand because they/she can't stop if there is a higher pressing matter. I also read that they can't seem to actually see Dr. Stein, interesting because every time that I call (and boy, do I call a lot) for an appointment and Dr. Stein has the other doctor on duty I have always been notified. They give me the option to schedule another date or to go to Dr. Steins other office, if I rather. Not once have I showed up and it be a surprise that Dr. Stein isn't present.As for being charged, I know Dr. Stein has had an outside billing office and they have made mistakes. I once took a long time to pay an outstanding bill. I know that any other company would have charged me extra or sent me to collections. I am very grateful Dr. Stein waited patiently for that bill to be paid. As for the rest of the staff, they have been very helpful. Their job is not to answer medical questions but to get your child ready for Dr. Stein. If parents do their research, they will find that the assistants are not allowed to answer questions. I have been taking my children to Dr. Steins office since she was at a different location and its been now over 10.5 years. When I first took my daughter to Dr. Stein she walked in with pneumonia because her 1st, pediatrician was hesitant on giving a new born any medication as a result my baby was dehydrated and with pneumonia. As a new parent, I did not know what to do. Thankfully, I took my friends advice and called Dr. Steins former office. She saw my baby instantly, and I believe saved her life be diagnosing her correctly. No one is perfect. Doctors are humans and capable of making mistakes. I hope everyone that reads this post, rethinks about all the negative comments about Dr. Steins office.  I am very grateful that Dr. Stein is my children's pediatrician and also for her staff.


June 28, 2013