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Pediatric Urgent Care Specialist

Sima Stein, MD -  - Pediatrician

Sima Stein, MD

Pediatrician located in Bay Area, San Jose, CA

Children rarely get sick on schedule and cannot always wait until the “next available appointment” to receive medical care. Dr. Sima Stein is a board-certified pediatrician who understands this. She also believes it’s important your children see a medical professional familiar with their health history whenever possible. That’s why Sima Stein, MD in San Jose, California, offers in-office urgent care. Call the office first to check on wait times, but don’t hesitate to call when your child needs urgent care.

Pediatric Urgent Care Q & A

Why should children see their pediatrician versus an urgent care clinic visit?

There are certainly benefits to the convenience offered by walk-in urgent care clinics. But your pediatrician understands your child much better than a physician seeing him or her for the first time can.

Because she’s familiar with your child’s normal health patterns, Dr. Stein is often able to rate the seriousness of your child’s illness more easily than an unfamiliar doctor. She’s also aware of repeat illnesses that may signal an underlying problem, such as allergies. And she’s a pediatric specialist, which gives her valuable insight into childhood diseases and illnesses.

Your child is also likely to feel more comfortable when seen by a nurse and doctor who are familiar. Being sick is never fun but being sick in a waiting room or exam room full of strangers only adds to the discomfort. Parents also tend to feel more relaxed in an environment they’re accustomed to, which may help your child relax as well.  

Regarding the convenience, you may not even realize that Dr. Stein follows the standard practice of holding several appointment slots open during a routine day for children needing urgent care.

How do I know when my child needs urgent care?

As a parent, it’s sometimes difficult to decide when your child needs to be seen urgently. Dr. Stein encourages parents to call her office whenever you have questions about your children’s health. The length of the illness, the severity of symptoms, the age of your child, and signs of worsening are all factors Dr. Stein considers when you call.

Parents can help by jotting down information to share with Dr. Stein, including your child’s:

  • Temperature
  • Symptoms
  • Overall appearance and behavior
  • Response to over-the-counter meds such as analgesics for fever
  • Recent exposure to illness, such as stomach flu or strep at school  

What’s the difference between urgent care and emergency care?

You should not hesitate to call 911 whenever your child is severely ill or injured. A few of the issues the American Academy of Pediatrics considers emergencies include:

  • Bleeding that does not stop when you apply direct pressure to the wound
  • Suspected poisoning   
  • Seizures, loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing
  • Neck stiffness or rash with fever
  • Confusion with vomiting, lethargy, or poor skin color
  • Sudden lack of energy or difficulty moving
  • A large or deep cut or burn