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5 Benefits of Telemedicine

5 Benefits of Telemedicine

Think of telemedicine, also called telehealth, as the new house call. While doctors these days rarely visit your home when you’re sick, they can treat you via video conference without you having to leave your home – much like the house calls of old. 

With telemedicine, you only need a reliable internet connection, a computer or tablet, and a private room for your health care visit. At Sima Stein, MD, board-certified pediatrician Dr. Stein offers a variety of health care services, including pediatric care, sick visits, and chronic condition management through telehealth. 

Here, she shares five advantages of telemedicine for you and your family:


With telemedicine, you can access medical care no matter where you live and no matter where you are. For example, you can see a doctor at work, at home, and even in your car. You can also see specialists that may not be available in your area. Additionally, people with mobility issues can access medical care without any difficulties getting to and from their doctor’s office. 

Saves time 

Think of all the time you can save by not fighting traffic, looking for parking, or taking hours off work to take your sick child to the doctor with telemedicine. With telemedicine, you may also be able to get an appointment sooner than in an in-person visit. And you’ll save time on the commute to and from the clinic.

Money savings

From saving money on gas and parking to not having to take hours off of work to take your child to the doctor, telemedicine can save you money in many ways. Another way telemedicine can save you money is that you don’t have to pay for care, or your spouse won’t have to take time off from work if you have another child. 

Chronic care management

Telemedicine promotes better continuity of care, particularly for patients with chronic conditions who require ongoing monitoring and management. With telemedicine, Dr. Stein can maintain regular contact with children with chronic health conditions, such as asthma, allergies, or diabetes. She can ensure that they follow their treatment plans (or modify them if necessary), take their medications as directed, and refill prescriptions as needed.

Control of infectious disease

You don’t have to worry about catching a cold, flu, or COVID-19 in the office – or spreading these conditions. With telemedicine, you can visit your doctor from the comfort and safety of your own home without worrying about catching or spreading germs, especially if you’re immunocompromised. 

If you’d like to schedule a telemedicine appointment, call the office of Sima Stein, MD, located in San Jose, California, or request an appointment online.

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