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Common Newborn Rashes

First and Foremost 

Your baby is going through a lot of changes right now
and so is his/her skin. It is important to notice changes
on your little one’s skin but it is especially important to
keep in mind that many odd changes may be normal.



Affects 40% | Tiny white papules on face | Day 0-1
Milia are benign lesions on the skin that present as very
small papules due to accumulated keratin and
secretions of the sebaceous gland. These typically
present on day of life 1 on the areas of the nose and
cheeks. Resolves after 7-14 days.

Erythema Toxicum

Affects 50% | Splotchy red spots on body | Days 2-3
Although unknown cause, this common rash presents as
splotchy red spots, about .5 inch to 1 inch in diameter.
These lesions may progress to producing pustular
white/yellow tips, resembling pimples. This can present
anywhere on the body, sparing however the palms and
soles. Benign – they’ll be fine! Resolves after 7-14 days.

Neonatal Acne

Affects 30% | Small white pustules | Weeks 2-3
These skin lesions are true sebaceous gland infections,
aka acne, and are believed to be associated with
hormonal changes since leaving the womb or receiving
hormonal influence through breast milk. This may take
up to 4-6 months to resolve. Do not try to treat the acne
with any topical medications as this is dangerous!

Again, You Know Your Baby Best

If you are ever concerned about your
baby’s rash and you’d like them to be
seen, please schedule with us. Your
little one’s health is our priority.
If we are unavailable, please do not
hesitate to visit urgent care or the ER.

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