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How to Prepare for Your Child's Immigration Medical Exam

How to Prepare for Your Child's Immigration Medical Exam

Immigrating to the United States is an exciting, multi-step process. One crucial step in the process involves the immigration medical exam, also called the green card medical examination, which is required for all children immigrating to the U.S. 

The first step to obtaining an immigration medical exam is to find a government-authorized doctor to perform the exam, who is officially referred to as a designated civil surgeon. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will not accept an exam performed by a non-authorized physician

Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Sima Stein at her self-named practice in San Jose, California, is authorized by the USCIS to administer immigration medical examinations for patients of all ages. Fortunately, she offers a one-day turnaround of the paperwork required to complete the immigration process. 

Here, she officers guidance to parents on how to prepare their children for this important medical examination:

Understand the purpose of the immigration medical exam

Before delving into the preparations, understand the purpose of the immigration medical exam. By understanding the purpose, you can better prepare yourself and your child and make the appointment less stressful. 

The exam serves several objectives, including assessing the overall health of your child, identifying any existing medical conditions, and ensuring your child's compliance with vaccination requirements. Anyone over the age of 15 also requires a chest X-ray and a blood test for syphilis.

Gather required documents

It’s best to gather the required documents before your appointment. Here’s what you need:

Arriving prepared can save you time and make your appointment run smoothly.

Schedule the exam appointment

The USCIS recommends you receive exam results before your scheduled visa interview. Therefore, it’s best to schedule your exam as far in advance as possible to secure a time and date that works for your family.

Prepare your child

Before your exam, prepare your child by discussing the exam, answering questions, and sharing what will happen at the appointment. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the day before the exam, and pack water and snacks on the way to the exam to prevent any stress or unexpected issues.

In addition, be sure to be punctual and attentive throughout the exam. If you follow these steps, the appointment should go smoothly for you and your child. 

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