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When to Consider Telemedicine for Your Child's Sick Visit

When to Consider Telemedicine for Your Child's Sick Visit

Getting to the doctor’s office with a sick child can be difficult. First, getting your sick, tired, unwell child out of bed, dressed, and into your car can be a challenge in itself. Secondly, parking and walking in the cold (at this time of year) can make your child feel even worse.

Fortunately, telemedicine, which is a doctor visit conducted via your computer, tablet, or smartphone, is becoming increasingly common. The use of telemedicine rose during the pandemic and has remained high because of its convenience. 

At Sima Stein, MD, board-certified pediatrician Dr. Stein, located in San Jose, California, offers telemedicine services from her San Jose, California practice. All you need is an easy-to-download program, a reliable internet connection, a computer or tablet, and a private room to meet with Dr. Stein from the comfort of your home.

Are you wondering when telemedicine is appropriate for your child? Let’s look at what telemedicine can provide.

A sick visit

Fortunately, you don’t have to risk exposing other people or children to your sick child, and your child doesn’t have to leave their bed for a sick visit appointment via telemedicine. Dr. Stein can evaluate your child’s health, diagnose their illness, and prescribe treatment.

A follow-up appointment

If you visit Dr. Stein for any health concern, including strep throat, pink eye, or flu, she can conduct a follow-up visit without you having to return to her clinic. If you need a medication refill, she can call it into your pharmacy. 

A well-child checkup

Not only can telemedicine assist in helping your child get well, but Dr. Stein can also perform many aspects of an annual preventive health visit. For example, she can conduct developmental evaluations and answer questions about your child’s health and development. Additionally, she can observe your child while they remain in the comfort of their own environment. And lastly, a telehealth appointment for a well-child visit ensures your child isn’t exposed to sick children or germs.

Chronic care

Chronic health conditions like asthma, allergies, or diabetes require regular monitoring. Dr. Stein can evaluate your child’s condition and symptoms via telemedicine and answer any questions related to their condition or medication. She can also adjust your child’s treatment plan and order medication refills if necessary. 

Behavioral health

Behavioral health telemedicine can be especially useful with kids’ busy after-school activities and school work. Telemedicine is a convenient option for scheduling talk therapy sessions for busy kids.

Before your telemedicine visit, be sure to test your internet connection and write down any questions you have for Dr. Stein. If your child prefers privacy, it’s important to create a private space for their appointment.

If you’re interested in scheduling a telehealth visit for your child with Dr. Stein, call our office at 408-214-1337, or use our online scheduling tool to request an appointment. 

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